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Don’t worry, nothing has happened to Conor McGregor or Dustin Poirier.


With the UFC doing another big sold out arena show in Las Vegas for their July 10th UFC 264 event, it only makes sense that they’d want a little something prepared just in case a worst case scenario develops and one of their big headliners drops off the card. You’d think lightweights would be lining up for the job, too … but according to UFC president Dana White he’s having a hard time securing something decent.

“I’m actually looking for someone right now to be the backup on that card,” White told Bleacher Report’s Tom Taylor. “Nobody’s jumping out. Nobody’s kicking down my door.”

White may just be too used to Michael Chandler scooping up every opportunity like this at 155. But now that “Iron Mike” has failed in his quest for UFC gold, he publicly declared he’s looking for a little rest and relaxation before getting back in the hunt. So count him out.

Justin Gaethje would be a sweet replacement fighter, but we have our doubts he’s interested in any role that isn’t a starring role. Last we heard, Gaethje wasn’t too jazzed about being passed over for the vacant UFC lightweight title fight at UFC 262. So chances of him bending over backwards right now to play third banana at UFC 264? Slim to none.

So what do you think, Maniacs? Anyone you’d like to see slip into that backup slot? Or would you rather see what kind of wildcard magic might come at a variety of different weight classes should Conor McGregor once again find himself accepting a last minute replacement? – All PostsRead More

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